cervix uteri cancer 5 tips from an oncologist to help to prevent disease

cervix uteri cancer 5 tips from an oncologist to help way in preventing illness


The avoidance, of cervix uteri cancer, involves early diagnosis, but not only. Many changes in habit also help to reduce the threat.

cervix uteri cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the world, according to the World Health Organization. In 99 cases, it’s caused by infection with mortal papillomavirus( HPV), but other factors can increase the threat of developing this cancer. Dr Summer Dewdney, oncologist and gynecologist at Rush University Medical Center( USA) provides some tips for precluding illness.


cancer screening, an essential  tool

The gynecologist insists on the need to regularly perform smears to descry any abnormalities in the cells of the cervix. In France, these examinations are recommended from the age of 25. From the age of 30, they’re replaced by HPV- HR tests, which are intended to descry the presence of high-threat HPV contagions.” In addition, any bleeding during sexual intercourse should be reported to the gynecologist,” she adds.

cervix cancer medical follow-up is essential after a smear test

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still, also the healthcare professional provides an applicable treatment, also renews the smear, If an infection is detected. fresh examinations can be carried out. For this specialist, this follow-up after an abnormal examination is essential in order to descry in time a possible presence of HPV on the cervix.

Vaccination, protection against cervix cancer

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” We’ve a vaccine against cancer,” recallsDr. Summer Dewdney. Use it!” In France, the vaccine is recommended for all girls and also all boys aged 11 to 14 times.” As a catch– up, the vaccine is recommended for people of both relations aged 15 to 19 who haven’t yet been vaccinated, adds the Health Insurance.” HPV vaccination is recommended for men who have coitus with men( MSM), up to the age of 26, to help precancerous anal lesions, anal cancers and condylomas.”

cervix cancer sexual intercourse must be defended

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Summer Dewdney emphasizes that vulnerable coitus increases the threat of constricting sexually transmitted conditions, but also the threat of infection with HPV.” This can significantly increase your chances of developing precancerous changes in the cervix,” she says. still, she specifies that the condom doesn’t allow to cover all the areas likely to be infected.” That’s why it’s essential to get vaccinated against HPV in addition to using condoms.”

Smoking, is a threat factor for cervcal cancer

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Tobacco doubles the threat of developing cervical cancer.” Studies have shown that tobacco by-products damage the DNA of the cells of the cervix and can contribute to the development of cervical cancer,” details the oncologist-gynecologist.

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