Resistance Band Exercise: 15-minute full-body workout

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The use of a band for resistance will bring a whole new dimension to your exercises. This workout of 15 minutes can help you build total body strength with slow controlled, precise exercises…

We all have the habit of speeding through our workouts for strength: just going through the motions in each one as fast as we can before moving into the next. Did you know that taking the time to slow down and mindfully complete each exercise of the course of a workout can bring an array of additional advantages.

How can we slow down and be taught how to exercise with control? That’s where the resistance band are useful. A lot of people believe that these elastic bands are just for stretching your muscles after exercising However, incorporating them in the actual workout is where they really excel.

The next 15 minute resistance band workout includes various exercises you may already know and enjoy, but along with the use of a resistance band to help to slow down and manage your movements. The workouts target a variety of muscles groups, including legs, arms glutes, back, glutes and the core, which will assist in building muscle throughout your body.
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How do you do this exercise with a resistance band:

Before you begin your workout, ensure to warm-up in order so that your body is prepared for your workout. This will help you to avoid injuries. Find out how to prepare your body to exercise by following this short routine of 10 minutes.
Do two sets of 20 reps each for each of the exercises listed below.
Make sure you are using gentle controlled motions throughout. It’s simple to repeat the steps each times, but remember that you have to ensure that each repetition is efficient.
Make sure you pay attentively to the safety guidelines at the end of every exercise to be safe from injuries.

15-minute resistance band workout

Leg curl resistance band

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Areas of training: Rear thighs


  • Attach a band of resistance around a sturdy object as well as your ankle.
  • Relax on your stomach, making sure you feel some resistance from the band.
  • Your heel should be pulled toward your lower.
  • For a few seconds, hold the position and then slowly return to the original position.
  • Finish one set before switching to the next side.

Be cautious: Always keep some tension in the resistance band , and avoid using momentum. You must make sure that you control your movements.

Resistance band triceps extension

Areas of training: Rear upper arms


  • Place a band of resistance in one hand, and then raise your arm until it reaches the ceiling.
  • Bend your elbow and lower your hand toward the shoulder blade.
  • Utilizing the other hand, grasp the loose portion of the resistance band and place it behind the back of your head (this is the position you begin from).
  • Slowly lift your arm to the ceiling.
  • Lower using control.
  • Finish one set before switching to the second arm.

Be secure: Don’t let the resistance band pull your arm downwards – instead, use gentle, controlled movements.

Back press of the resistance band


Training areas: Upper back muscles and shoulder Rotators


  • Attach a band of resistance around the pole that is secure that is slightly higher than your head.
  • Take the ends of the limbs with one hand while keeping the bend of your elbow.
  • Slowly draw the band behind your back, toward your lower part of your body.
  • Slowly return your hand until it is in line with your shoulder.
  • Complete one set prior to switching over to the next side.

Be secure: Don’t let your arms raise above the shoulder level.


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