Tips for Skin Care for women over 50

There are a myriad of factors that impact the skin’s health. We are all aware of the fact that smoking, sun exposure and stress can cause harm to the largest organ of our body. For women who have reached the golden age of 50 or more the process of ageing the skin accelerates. It could even be doubled if you’re overweight or are genetically predisposed. In order to combat this, we’re giving you 15 tips for skin care for women who are over 50.

Lessen Soak Time in the Tub

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After a tiring and long day, relaxing and soaking in the tub can be something that is appealing. It’s true. However, if it is done for long enough the damage could be to the skin. But, if you like bathing and want to add nutrients to your water. These can be derived from oils, salt scrubs and moisturizing soaps. This will help keep the skin moisturized and well-nourished. Remember to add to apply a lotion, moisturizer or oil after you have left the tub and dry your skin.

Use Natural Products

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Commercial products for women contain more harmful chemicals and overly processed ingredients than what we are told. Women over 50 should be extra careful in choosing the products that they use. It would be best for to go natural or organic as much as possible. Some oils like olive, tea tree and lavender are known to nourish and give the skin a more youthful look.

Go for Facial Treatments

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Women over 50 benefit greatly by regular treatments for their face. Apart from improving the skin’s blood circulation, treatments for facials aid in eliminating toxins and stimulating collagen production. There are anti-aging facials that assist in the reduction of wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin. Talk to a professional about your needs for more information on what kind of facial will work the best fit for your needs.

Be Gentle on Your Skin

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As we get older the outermost layer of skin, which is known as the epidermis, gets extremely thin. This is why it is essential to be extra cautious when taking care of your skin. Use gentle movements while applying creams makeup, and even lotions must be utilized. There are a few tools, such as gentle sponges and soft brushes and applicators, that could help.

Make use of Lukewarm Water Cleanse Your Face


Applying hot water to the face is a huge no-no as it could cause skin dehydration and leave it dull, dry and rough. This could lead to premature ageing. If you wash your face, ensure you use water that is warm. Make use of the hand’s back your forearm, forearm or the elbow’s back to check the temperature of the water.

Use Undereye Cream

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One of the places in the body that can easily give your age is the skin under the eye , since the skin there is the most thin. This is why it’s an excellent idea to purchase a quality eye cream that can combat wrinkles as well as redness and puffiness.


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The skin naturally has the ability to moisturize itself. But, as we get older, our skin loses this capability, and that’s why it is recommended to invest in a high-quality moisturizer to counter this. Apply it after cleansing and washing. If you plan on wearing makeup, ensure that the moisturizer is completely absorption by your skin prior to applying makeup. You can also apply moisturizers for your skin at night to ensure the skin’s hydration, even when you’re sleeping.


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If you don’t effectively exfoliate your skin, the epidermis could get thicker due to dead skin cells that can build up. It is however not recommended to cleanse every all day. It is best to do it every few days. Be sure to use gentle stroke or brush while doing this.

Use a Cleansing Program

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Always ensure that you wash your face thoroughly prior to going to go to bed. Doing your makeup during sleep could result in your pores becoming become blocked. This can reduce cell renewal and could even cause acne. But, you should avoid using soaps for cleaning your face. Women who are over 50 are more susceptible to dryness, and soaps may cause more harm. Be aware when choosing the right products to clean your face.


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The use of sunscreen is mandatory even if you won’t be out in the sunlight. Make sure you choose a sunscreen with SPF 15 or greater. It must also include not only UVA but as well UVB. Apart from wrinkles, exposure to sun can result in brown discoloration and spots. Apply sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours if you plan to go out.

Get Makeup Free

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If you are a regular user of makeup it is possible to avoid wearing makeup every now and then. This will help your skin breathe and heal. If you don’t want to skip this routine, be sure that you are thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing your skin every daily is part of your routine.

Quit Smoking

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Stopping smoking cigarettes in those in your 30s or 50s could enhance the condition of the skin. Smoking reduces oxygen levels within the body. Once this occurs the production of collagen and elastin decreases. It is evident that smokers are dark-skinned and do not possess the natural glow of skin. People who smoke are more vulnerable to developing psoriasis.

Increase Hydration

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The skin’s elasticity is reduced rapidly in women 50 and above. This can be addressed by ensuring that you’re hydrated. Drinking at minimum 8 glasses of fluids is most likely to be the best option. You can also get hydrated by eating fruit with a high water content , such as watermelon, strawberries, and cantaloupes.


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Exercise can also improve healthy skin as it helps increase circulatory system throughout your body. It assists in flushing out harmful toxins that make skin appear unhealthier.

Eat Healthy

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Naturally, having a great skin shouldn’t be the only thing you consider. It must most foremost originate from within. A balanced diet can make our skin healthy, glowing and youthful. Avoid fad diets as it causes more harm to your skin, making it dull and discolored. Foods with low-fat dairy like tofu or skim milk as well as cottage cheese can aid in the regeneration of skin cells. Take in fruits high in antioxidants , such as blueberries, plums, or strawberries as they combat premature ageing. Get rid of your skin’s toxins with green tea.

The connection between wrinkles and the age of your skin is a known fact, but this doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to change it. If you have the right information you can maintain a healthy and beautiful skin. Age gracefully.




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